Administrative Review

A Guide

The realm of immigration decisions can be a complex mosaic of facts, policies, and emotions. When faced with an unfavorable visa or immigration decision, hope is not lost. Administrative Review emerges as a recourse to challenge such decisions. At Resolve Solicitors, our endeavor is to ensure justice, clarity, and transparency, assisting individuals in navigating this intricate process with expertise and dedication. Administrative Review is a mechanism allowing applicants to request a review of an immigration decision when they believe a case-working error occurred. It's not about presenting new evidence but addressing potential case-handling oversights.

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An appeal is a broader challenge in a tribunal or court, whereas Administrative Review focuses solely on case-working errors without introducing new evidence.

No, the review focuses on potential errors in handling the original evidence and application, not on new submissions.

While a decision is typically made within 28 days, complex cases might take longer.

Depending on the situation, you may consider other immigration routes, reapply, or, in specific cases, pursue a Judicial Review.

If you had valid leave when you applied for the review, it's typically extended until the decision is made.

Yes, there's a fee for the review, but it's refunded if the decision is overturned in the applicant's favor.

Usually, only one Administrative Review is permitted for a decision unless new refusal grounds are given post the first review.

Given its focus on case-working errors, it's vital to precisely pinpoint and articulate these, making expert legal guidance invaluable.

Our rich legacy, combined with our detail-oriented approach, ensures that every facet of your review is managed with precision and dedication.

Reach out for a tailored consultation, allowing us to grasp the intricacies of your case and chart the most effective course forward.

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