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The Annulment of Marriage Guide

 Marriage is a sacred bond, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances or withheld information can make it untenable. An annulment provides a legal remedy for individuals seeking to declare their marriage null and void, as if it never existed. At Resolve Solicitors, we empathize with the emotional and legal challenges this entails, and we're here to offer compassionate, expert advice every step of the way. Unlike divorce, which ends a legally recognized marriage, annulment declares that the marriage was never valid to begin with. Essentially, it means the marriage never legally existed


While both end a marriage, annulment declares the marriage invalid from the outset, while divorce terminates a legally valid marriage.

There's no time limit for annulment, unlike divorce where you usually have to wait for a year

Legal annulment and religious annulment are distinct. While a legal annulment might not impact religious views of the marriage, some religious institutions have their annulment procedures

Yes, annulment can have financial implications. It's essential to seek legal advice on property, assets, and potential settlements.

No, children from a marriage that's later annulled are still considered legitimate.

It varies based on the case's complexity and whether it's contested. A straightforward case can conclude within months

Yes, after receiving the decree absolute, you are free to remarry or enter a civil partnership.

Our expertise in family law, combined with our understanding and empathetic approach, ensures you're supported both legally and emotionally.

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