Secure Tenancies

Deposit and Related Issues

Rent deposits are a crucial aspect of securing a tenancy for both landlords and tenants. They provide financial security and help ensure that the terms of the tenancy agreement are upheld. However, disputes related to rent deposits can arise, making it essential to understand the rights and responsibilities of both parties. At Resolve Solicitors, we specialize in guiding both landlords and tenants through the intricacies of rent deposits and resolving related issues effectively.


Collecting a deposit is not mandatory, but it is a common practice to protect landlords against unpaid rent and property damage.

In some jurisdictions, landlords are required to protect deposits in government-approved schemes and provide tenants with prescribed information.

The timeline for deposit return varies but is typically within a specific number of days after the tenancy ends.

Landlords can deduct amounts for unpaid rent, damage beyond normal wear and tear, or breaches of the tenancy agreement.

Tenants can raise disputes, and resolution processes may involve negotiation, mediation, or legal action.

Some jurisdictions have limits on the amount landlords can charge as a deposit.

Additional fees, if applicable, should be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement and comply with local laws.

Tenants have the right to request and review an inventory report and check-in report before moving

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