Guarding Secrets, Defending Trust

Confidentiality Disputes

Confidentiality forms the backbone of many professional and business relationships. It ensures that sensitive information remains protected, fostering an environment of trust and mutual respect. However, when breaches occur, the fallout can be immense, both legally and reputationally. At Resolve Solicitors, we stand committed to assisting parties embroiled in confidentiality disputes, ensuring that rights are upheld and trust is restored.


 Any unauthorized use, access, or disclosure of confidential information typically qualifies as a breach.

While harder to prove, verbal agreements can be enforceable. However, written agreements are always recommended for clarity.

Potential remedies include injunctions to prevent further breaches, damages for losses incurred, and specific performance.

No. The severity of a breach, its intent (whether malicious or inadvertent), and its impact can influence the dispute's handling.

Having clear confidentiality agreements, regular training sessions, and robust data protection measures can significantly reduce risks.

We prioritize client confidentiality, ensuring all discussions, evidence, and strategies remain under wraps.

Typically, confidentiality obligations extend beyond employment termination. Contracts should specify post-employment obligations.

In some legal contexts, public interest or legal obligations might justify disclosure. Such exceptions, however, are rare and specific.

Engaging with experts like Resolve Solicitors ensures your agreements are comprehensive, up-to-date, and legally enforceable.

Reach out to us directly. We'll provide the insight, expertise, and support needed to navigate these sensitive terrains.

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