Protecting Interests

Warranty and Indemnity Agreements

In business transactions, warranty and indemnity agreements play a pivotal role in managing risks and protecting the interests of parties involved. These agreements provide assurances, warranties, and indemnities related to the quality, condition, or legal status of assets or services being transferred. At Resolve Solicitors, we specialize in crafting and navigating warranty and indemnity agreements, ensuring that your investments and transactions are safeguarded.


Warranties are statements of fact or guarantees, while indemnities are commitments to compensate for losses.

They provide assurances and protect parties from unexpected liabilities, ensuring a smoother transaction process.

If a warranty is breached, the party that relied on the warranty may be entitled to damages or other remedies specified in the agreement.

Yes, limitations can be defined in the agreement, including monetary caps and specific conditions for enforcement.

The duration, known as the survival period, is negotiated and specified in the agreement. It can vary depending on the nature of the transaction.

Conditions that must be fulfilled before warranties and indemnities become enforceable, such as obtaining necessary approvals or conducting due diligence.

Disputes can arise, especially if one party believes that the other has breached a warranty or indemnity. Legal counsel can help resolve such disputes.

Amendments typically require the mutual consent of the parties involved and should be documented in writing.

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