In the Wake of the Game

Addressing Sports-related Accidents

Sporting activities, while promoting fitness and camaraderie, also carry the inherent risk of accidents and injuries. These can range from minor strains to more severe, life-changing injuries. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend sports enthusiast, the consequences of a sports-related accident can be far-reaching. At Resolve Solicitors, we acknowledge the intricacies of sports injuries and are committed to assisting victims in navigating their legal rights and potential compensations.


 Yes, even informal games should adhere to safety standards. Consult us to understand specifics.

Typically, there's a three-year window from the injury date. However, starting sooner can help in gathering evidence.

Claims can still be made, but compensation might be adjusted based on shared responsibility.

Factors include injury severity, medical costs, lost earnings (if any), and potential future implications.

Many sports organizations have insurance. The coverage details can be assessed as part of the claim process.

With a keen understanding of sports dynamics and a strong legal foundation, we ensure victims are comprehensively represented.

If an injury resulted from their negligence, incorrect guidance, or lack of supervision, they could be held liable.

It varies based on the case's complexity, evidence availability, and negotiation dynamics.

No, many claims are settled amicably without needing court interventions.

Simply contact us for a detailed consultation. We'll guide you through the steps with dedication and clarity.

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