Defending Possession Proceedings and Evictions

Legal Support

Facing possession proceedings and the possibility of eviction can be a daunting experience for tenants and occupants. It's crucial to understand your rights and have expert legal guidance during such challenging times. At Resolve Solicitors, we specialize in providing expert advice and representation to help tenants and occupants defend against possession proceedings and evictions, ensuring that their rights are protected, and the process is carried out fairly and legally.


Yes, tenants and occupants have legal rights and defenses to challenge possession proceedings and evictions.

Grounds for defense may include disputing the reasons for eviction, challenging the validity of the notice, or presenting mitigating circumstances.

The duration varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, local court procedures, and tenant defenses.

Yes, negotiation or mediation can be effective in reaching settlement agreements that prevent eviction.

An invalid notice may provide a strong basis for defense, and legal experts can assess its validity.

Contact us directly, and our experienced team will provide the guidance and support needed to defend against possession proceedings and evictions effectively.

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