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Partnership Contracts

Business partnerships, whether between individuals, companies, or a mix of both, require a foundation of trust, transparency, and clear expectations. Partnership contracts, or partnership agreements, serve as the backbone, defining the terms of this business relationship. At Resolve Solicitors, our dedication lies in crystallizing the nuances of such collaborations into well-structured contracts, ensuring every partner ventures forward with confidence and clarity.


While oral agreements can be valid, a written contract provides a tangible reference, reducing ambiguities and preventing potential disputes.

Partnerships entail a joint business venture between individuals or entities without forming a separate legal entity, unlike corporations which are distinct legal entities.

The partnership contract should specify remuneration structures, whether as salary, profit shares, or draws.

The partnership contract often outlines dispute resolution mechanisms, be it mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Yes, but the partnership contract should be revised to accommodate the terms related to the new partner.

The partnership contract will detail dissolution procedures, including asset distribution, liabilities, and notice periods.

Yes, many partnership contracts include non-compete clauses to protect the partnership's interests, though enforceability varies by jurisdiction.

The contract should specify exit strategies, detailing buyout terms, notice periods, and other relevant stipulations.

Limited partnerships have general partners with unlimited liability and limited partners with limited liability. The contract will detail the rights, obligations, and liabilities of each.

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