Laying the Groundwork

Mastering Business Terms and Conditions

Every business interaction, be it with customers, partners, or suppliers, is governed by a set of rules and understandings—these are the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). They not only offer clarity and protection for a business but also ensure transparency for stakeholders. Crafting precise, comprehensive T&Cs is an art, and at Resolve Solicitors, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to delineating the guidelines that can define your business operations.


T&Cs serve as a binding contract between a business and its stakeholders, safeguarding interests and defining operational guidelines.

Regular reviews, especially post major business changes or regulatory updates, ensure your T&Cs remain relevant and legally robust.

Your T&Cs should outline the steps and consequences of such breaches, potentially including service termination or legal action.

While templates provide a starting point, customized T&Cs are crucial to address specific business needs and offer comprehensive protection.

Typically, T&Cs are standardized. However, in B2B scenarios, there might be room for negotiation.

Prominent placement on your website, mandatory checkboxes during transactions, and clear communication channels help inform and obtain consent from customers.

T&Cs should then account for international regulations and considerations. Seek legal expertise to navigate cross-border nuances.

Yes, T&Cs often include clauses that limit a business's liability, but they must be fair and compliant with local laws.

Your T&Cs should define a dispute resolution process, be it arbitration, mediation, or legal proceedings.

Contact us for a dedicated consultation. We'll work closely with you, ensuring your T&Cs are a true reflection of your business's ethos and operations.

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