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Judicial Review Unfolded: Process, Challenges, & Expert Counsel:

Within the broad spectrum of the legal landscape, the arena of Judicial Review serves as a linchpin for ensuring justice and fairness. When administrative decisions overstep bounds or neglect principles of justice, the mechanism of Judicial Review comes into play. At Resolve Solicitors, we offer unwavering dedication, unparalleled expertise, and robust representation to those seeking to challenge public body decisions via this route.

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It's to ensure public bodies act within their legal powers and uphold principles of fairness and justice.

Typically, as soon as possible and certainly within three months from the decision. Timeframes are strict in Judicial Review proceedings.

Only decisions that are deemed unlawful, irrational, or procedurally improper can be subject to Judicial Review.

It varies, but a straightforward case might conclude within a few months, while complex ones can extend over a year.

No. Before opting for Judicial Review, alternative remedies like appeals or negotiations should be explored.

An appeal examines the merits of a decision, while a Judicial Review examines the lawfulness of how a decision was made.

Yes. Besides potential financial costs, an unsuccessful review might strengthen the original decision, making future challenges harder.

In some cases, you can seek interim relief to prevent immediate actions (like deportations) until the review is concluded.

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