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The Global Business Mobility Scheme Guide

Resolve Solicitors, with its acumen in international business dynamics and immigration regulations, is poised to guide businesses through this process, ensuring smooth transitions and sustained growth. This scheme aims to assist multinational businesses in moving their skilled staff to the UK, catering especially to businesses looking to establish a presence in the UK or wanting to transfer staff to an existing UK entity.


The Global Business Mobility Scheme is tailored for businesses, focusing on the transfer of existing skilled staff to the UK, unlike other visas which often target new hires.

Yes, typically, immediate family members, including spouses and children, can join the primary visa holder.

While the processing time can vary based on specific cases and documentation, businesses can typically expect a decision within weeks.

Yes, based on their role, duration of stay, and other criteria, they might be eligible to switch to other relevant UK visa categories.

While having a physical presence aids credibility, the primary requirement is genuine business intent and a credible plan for UK operations.

Yes, as long as the staff meet the eligibility criteria and the business can demonstrate the necessity of the transfer.

By aligning your business objectives with the visa requirements and presenting a compelling case. Partnering with experts like Resolve Solicitors can enhance the application's strength.

The costs can include application fees, the Immigration Health Surcharge, and other potential charges, which Resolve Solicitors can detail for you.

Our understanding of global business dynamics combined with our immigration expertise ensures a seamless and successful application process.

Contact us for a comprehensive consultation. Together, we'll strategize the optimal approach, ensuring your business can flourish in the UK.

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