Navigating the FLR(M)

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FLR(M) Unwrapped: Eligibility, Process, & Comprehensive Assistance
The journey to securing one's future with loved ones in the UK is both profound and intricate. The FLR(M) application – an extension of stay for partners – is a pivotal step in this odyssey. At Resolve Solicitors, our mission is to illuminate this path, ensuring every applicant is equipped with expertise, clarity, and unwavering support throughout the process.
Defining the FLR(M) Application
FLR(M) stands for 'Further Leave to Remain (Marriage/Partnership).' It's an application for those already in the UK on a spouse or partner visa, seeking to extend their stay and move closer to securing indefinite leave to remain.

The Fiancé Visa process in the UK can be complex, and it’s essential to ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements and submit a well-prepared application. Seek professional advice if you have any doubts or need assistance navigating the process. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can successfully reunite with your partner in the United Kingdom and start your life together as a married couple.


It's designed for those in the UK on a spouse or partner visa, aiming to extend their stay and eventually secure permanent residency.

You should apply before your current visa expires, preferably a few months in advance, to allow ample processing time.

While it can vary, most applications receive a decision within 8 weeks of the application date.

You can either rectify the issues highlighted in the refusal and reapply or, in some circumstances, appeal the decision.

Yes, you can continue working based on the conditions of your current visa until a decision on your FLR(M) application is made.

It ensures integration into UK society. Applicants must prove proficiency, usually via approved English tests or academic qualifications.

Meeting this threshold ensures the applicant and their family can be supported in the UK without accessing public funds.

After living in the UK for five years on a partner visa route, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Our holistic approach, marrying meticulous legal guidance with genuine empathy, ensures you're supported and guided at every juncture.

Contact us for a tailored consultation. We'll understand your unique circumstances and craft a roadmap tailored to your needs.

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