Continuing the Investment Voyage

Tier 1 Investor Visa Extension Guide

The Tier 1 Investor Visa is a testament to the UK's appeal as a global financial hub. For those who've embarked on this investment journey, ensuring continuity via a visa extension is paramount. With Resolve Solicitors by your side, this pivotal transition becomes streamlined, allowing you to focus on your investment interests and future in the UK.
This visa route is tailored for high-net-worth individuals outside the EEA and Switzerland, willing to make significant investments in the UK. Initially granted for a 3-year and 4-month period, an extension is often the next logical progression.

The Fiancé Visa process in the UK can be complex, and it’s essential to ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements and submit a well-prepared application. Seek professional advice if you have any doubts or need assistance navigating the process. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can successfully reunite with your partner in the United Kingdom and start your life together as a married couple.


It's recommended to apply before your current visa expires, ideally a few months prior, to ensure a smooth transition.

Yes, dependents (spouse, partner, children under 18) who were on the initial visa can apply for an extension alongside the main applicant.

While there aren't strict residency requirements, prolonged absences might affect future ILR applications.

The decision is usually made within 8 weeks from the application date, but this can vary based on specific circumstances.

While diversification is possible, ensure that the total investment amount meets the visa requirements at all times.

You can potentially challenge the decision via an administrative review or reapply after addressing the refusal reasons.

A successful extension keeps you on track for ILR, which subsequently opens the pathway to British citizenship.

Significant changes in the investment portfolio, not maintaining the required investment amount, or discrepancies in documentation could impact the application.

Our unparalleled expertise in the investment visa landscape, coupled with personalized guidance, ensures your extension process is in adept hands.

Connect with us for a detailed consultation. We'll assess your investment track record, provide actionable insights, and spearhead the extension process.

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