Crafting Clarity in Commitments

Supply of Services Contracts

Supply of services contracts delineate the parameters of professional services rendered by one party to another. These essential agreements, ranging from IT and consultancy to maintenance and creative services, provide a structure ensuring clarity of expectations, deliverables, and compensation. At Resolve Solicitors, we prioritize precision in every clause, ensuring your supply of services contracts are robust, reflective of your needs, and legally sound.


While not always legally required, having a written agreement is highly recommended to ensure clarity, enforceability, and risk mitigation.

Amendments typically require mutual consent and should be documented as addendums or in a revised contract.

The contract should stipulate resolution methods, which might include mediation, arbitration, or, if necessary, litigation.

This depends on the contract's term. Some are project-specific, while others might have automatic renewal clauses.

The contract should detail remedies, which might include rectification, compensation, or even termination.

Our team stays abreast of legal developments, ensuring contracts reflect current regulations and best practices.

Yes, but clarity is key. Each service type should be detailed thoroughly to avoid ambiguities.

Often, especially if sensitive information or proprietary methods are involved. If important, ensure a robust confidentiality clause is included.

If the primary service provider may subcontract, this should be addressed in the contract, including any associated rights or restrictions.

Reach out directly for a personalized consultation. Let us bring clarity, fairness, and legal solidity to your service-based agreements.


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