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The UK Startup Visa Guide

The United Kingdom, with its global business appeal and vibrant startup ecosystem, is a magnet for budding entrepreneurs. The UK Startup Visa is a gateway for ambitious innovators eager to bring their business ideas to life in this dynamic market. Resolve Solicitors, with its legacy of aiding visionary entrepreneurs, ensures a seamless transition from dream to reality, offering unwavering support and expert counsel. The UK Startup Visa is designed for non-EEA individuals aiming to establish a business in the UK for the first time. Unlike other business routes, there's no need to demonstrate initial investment funds, making it accessible for many budding entrepreneurs.


Reach out for a comprehensive consultation, and together, we'll chart out the optimal path for your UK entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our intricate understanding of the UK startup landscape, combined with our deep legal expertise, ensures your application is both compelling and compliant.

Endorsement from a recognised UK body not only validates your business idea but also your capability to execute it, making it a key component of the visa application.

The visa doesn't mandate success; it encourages genuine entrepreneurial efforts. If the business doesn't succeed, you can still consider other visa routes or apply with a new business idea.

Yes, a detailed business plan highlighting the innovation, viability, and scalability of your idea is crucial.

No, the Startup Visa is non-extendable. However, after 2 years, you can consider transitioning to the Innovator Visa.

Decisions are typically made within 3 weeks, but this can vary based on specific circumstances.

Yes, spouses, partners, and children under 18 can join as dependents.

No, the visa is open to all sectors. The primary requirement is the innovative nature and potential of the business idea.

While both cater to business-minded individuals, the Startup Visa is for first-time entrepreneurs, whereas the Innovator Visa is for those with a track record and a more developed business plan.

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