Navigating Agency Entanglements

Agency Contract Disputes

Agency contracts forge a bridge between principal and agent, entrusting the latter to act on the former's behalf. While these arrangements aim to streamline operations, misunderstandings or misalignments can lead to disputes.
At Resolve Solicitors, we merge tactical acumen with a deep understanding of agency relationships, offering solutions that untangle complexities and foster harmonious business continuance.


 While not all disputes can be foreseen, many can be preempted with clear, comprehensive, and mutually understood contract terms.

Implied authority isn't expressly stated but inferred from the agent's actions or the principal's past behavior. Disputes can arise when the boundaries of this authority are questioned.

Yes, but they can be harder to prove and interpret, making written contracts strongly advisable for clarity and enforceability.

Usually, if the agent acted within their authority's bounds, the principal could be liable. The specifics often depend on the contract's terms.

Our team is adept at navigating cross-border complexities, considering jurisdictional nuances, and international commercial laws.

Mediation can be effective, offering a less confrontational avenue that can preserve the underlying business relationship.

The principal may not be bound by such actions, but the specifics often hinge on the contract and any implied authority perceptions.

The duration varies based on the dispute's nature, the chosen resolution method, and the parties' cooperativeness.

Yes, the UK has specific regulations, like the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993, which provide certain protections and obligations.

Reach out to us directly for expert guidance. Our mission is to illuminate the complexities of agency relationships, ensuring clarity, protection, and forward momentum.

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