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The UK Innovator Visa Guide

The UK, with its reputation as a thriving business hub, opens its doors to seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators through the Innovator Visa. This pathway offers an exciting avenue for those with a track record of business success to introduce and cultivate their innovative ventures in the UK market. At Resolve Solicitors, we understand the aspirations of global business leaders, providing tailored solutions, insights, and unwavering support throughout the visa process. The Innovator Visa has been sculpted for experienced business professionals from outside the EEA and Switzerland. It offers an opportunity for them to set up or expand a business in the UK based on a sustainable, scalable, and innovative business proposal.


While both are business-oriented, the Innovator Visa targets experienced entrepreneurs with a track record, whereas the Startup Visa is for first-time business individuals.

Yes, individuals on certain visa categories, including the Startup Visa, can transition to the Innovator Visa from within the UK.

Decisions are usually rendered within 3 weeks for applications outside the UK.

No, if you've previously established a business in the UK with an endorsement and can prove its active operation, the investment requirement might be waived.

While you can work for your business, including being its director, you cannot undertake work outside of your enterprise.

Yes, to be eligible for ILR, you must not have spent more than 180 days outside the UK in any 12-month period during the visa duration.

Each business partner must secure their endorsement and meet the Innovator Visa criteria individually.

Given the competitive nature and the importance of endorsement, an expert ensures that your application stands out and meets all criteria.

Our blend of business acumen, vast experience, and legal expertise ensures a seamless and successful Innovator Visa application process.

Reach out to us for a comprehensive consultation, and together, we'll shape the future of your innovative business in the UK.

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