Habat Ullah Ranjha

Director at Resolve Solicitors Limited

Habat Ullah Ranjha is a distinguished legal professional with an impressive track record in the legal field. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Habat Ullah is renowned for his commitment to delivering exceptional legal services across various domains of law. His journey through the legal landscape has been marked by dedication, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

Public Sector Experience

Before joining Resolve Solicitors Limited, Habat Ullah served as the Deputy Director (Litigation and Adjudication) at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (P.T.A). During his tenure, he supervised the Authority’s legal department, handling a multitude of legal cases and regulatory matters. His role included providing legal support, drafting and vetting determinations, licenses, and regulations, and liaising with advocates. His experience in the public sector further underscores his versatility and capability in the legal profession.

Educator and Legal Mentor

Habat Ullah Ranjha is not only a dedicated legal practitioner but also a passionate educator. He has been actively involved in teaching law at the postgraduate level, sharing his wealth of knowledge and practical insights with the next generation of legal minds. His commitment to legal education extends to arranging seminars, workshops, and open forums, further enriching the legal community.

Global Perspective

Habat Ullah’s global perspective on the legal landscape is enhanced by his international experience. He earned his Master’s in Corporate Laws (LLM) from Nottingham Law School in the United Kingdom, broadening his horizons and deepening his understanding of international legal intricacies. This global outlook sets him apart in the legal field, allowing him to approach cases with a nuanced perspective.

Driving Excellence and Client-Centric Solutions

In summary, Habat Ullah Ranjha is not just a legal professional; he is a trailblazer in the legal domain. His unwavering commitment to providing top-notch legal services, his proficiency in multiple languages, and his vast experience make him a trusted advisor and advocate for his clients. Whether it’s a personal injury case, an immigration matter, or complex corporate law issues, Habat Ullah Ranjha is the name you can trust for excellence, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

For all your legal needs, turn to Habat Ullah Ranjha—an esteemed legal authority dedicated to unlocking the doors to legal success and ensuring justice prevails.

Contact Information

Name: Habat Ullah Ranjha

SRA No.: 466364

Tel (Office): 01282699629

Summary As a Director at Resolve Solicitors Limited since December 2011, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to the legal profession, offering a wealth of experience and expertise in various areas of law.

Professional Experience
Director, Resolve Solicitors Limited (December 2011 to Present)
Responsibilities include:
Managing the law firm’s overall business operations and overseeing staff.
Supervising personal injury and immigration fee earners.
Ensuring compliance with the firm’s procedures.
Conducting investigations to determine causation, damages, and injury extent.
Developing litigation plans to control legal expenses.
Drafting legal documents, including correspondence, letters of protection, and more.
Negotiating settlements with insurance adjusters and outside counsel.
Conducting legal research using various resources.
Overseeing and managing fee earners’ workloads to ensure daily tasks are completed efficiently.
Assistant Solicitors, Curtis Law LLP (October 2010 to December 2011)
Handled personal injury and immigration cases from start to finish.
Issued claims, took client instructions, and negotiated settlements.
Prepared legal documents, including Particulars of Claim and Witness Statements.

A Trusted Legal Authority
As a Director at Resolve Solicitors Limited since December 2011, Habat Ullah has consistently demonstrated his prowess in managing complex legal matters and supervising a team of legal professionals. His leadership has been instrumental in the success of the firm, as he oversees its business operations and ensures the highest standards of compliance and service delivery.

Areas of Specialization
Habat Ullah Ranjha’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of legal areas, including personal injury law, immigration law, and corporate law. His comprehensive understanding of these fields allows him to navigate intricate legal issues with finesse. Whether it’s representing clients in personal injury cases or offering guidance on immigration matters, his depth of knowledge is a testament to his commitment to client success.

Litigation Mastery
One of Habat Ullah’s key strengths lies in his mastery of litigation. He has independently developed litigation plans that effectively track and control legal expenses while ensuring optimal client representation. His experience includes drafting a wide range of legal documents, such as correspondence, letters of protection, deposition summaries, and interrogatories. Negotiating with insurance adjusters and external counsel to secure fair settlements for clients is a hallmark of his litigation prowess.

A Multilingual Advantage
Habat Ullah Ranjha’s ability to speak multiple languages, including Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi, has been a valuable asset throughout his career. This linguistic versatility enables him to effectively communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they receive clear and concise legal guidance. His dedication to providing interpretation services in court and during client meetings exemplifies his commitment to breaking down language barriers in the legal arena.

Country Court
Attended County Court case management conferences (CMCs) and conferences with barristers.

Interpretation Services

Provided interpretation services for clients from Pakistani, Indian, and Kashmiri backgrounds.

Represented clients in court on fixed dates.

Associate Solicitors, Joyya Law Associate Solicitors (April 2009 to June 2010)
Managed personal injury and immigration cases comprehensively.
Issued claims, handled client instructions, and negotiated settlements.
Prepared legal documents, including Particulars of Claim and Witness Statements.

Attended County Court
Attended County Court CMCs and conferences with barristers.

Client Representation:

Represented clients in court.

Fee Earner, Hardman Partnership Solicitors (December 2007 to April 2009)

Handled RTA (Road Traffic Accident) cases from initiation to resolution.
Issued claims, took client instructions, and negotiated settlements.

Prepared legal documents, including

Particulars of Claim and Witness Statements.

Attended County Court CMCs and conferences with barristers.

Claims Handler, CALL24-7 (June 2006 to August 2006)

Managed motor insurance claims.

Assessed and settled liability issues with insurance companies and claim management firms.

Negotiated with claimants.
Referred claims to panel solicitors when necessary.

Provided legal guidance to panel solicitors.

Kept insured parties informed about their claims.

Recovered outlays and referred claims for investigation in case of disputes.

Fee Earner/Litigation Assistant, Whitestone Solicitors, Oldham,

Manchester (October 2005 to April 2006)
Managed a caseload of 250 cases, including RTA and other civil matters.
Initiated letter of claims and interacted with third parties.

Dealt with litigation in courts.

Drafted legal documents.

Conducted client interviews and managed cases from start to finish.

Deputy Director (Litigation and Adjudication), Pakistan
Telecommunication Authority (April 2003 to April 2005)

Supervised the legal department, handled litigation, and provided legal opinions.

Represented the Authority in regulatory matters and court cases.

Advised on legal compliance and breaches.

Drafted legal documents and vetted regulations.

Managed legal matters and liaised with advocates.

Court Experience

Enrolled as an Advocate of the High Court and represented clients in various cases.

Extensive experience in District Courts, including cases involving Islamabad Stock Exchange, National Accountability Bureau, Small Business Finance Corporation, and Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

LLM (Master in Corporate Laws) from Nottingham Law School (2000-2001)
LL.B (Bachelor of Law) from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan (1990-1992)
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan (1987-1989)
Higher Secondary School Certificate from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi (1985-1987)
Secondary School Certificate from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala (1982-1984)
Languages Proficient in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

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