Saeed Ahmad

A Legal Luminary with Multijurisdictional Insight

Saeed Ahmad: A Legal Luminary with Multijurisdictional Insight
In the realm of law, the name Saeed Ahmad resonates with expertise, versatility, and an unwavering commitment to justice. A fully qualified Solicitor in England and Wales, Saeed Ahmad’s legal journey is marked by a multi-jurisdictional perspective, an exceptional understanding of Commercial Contracts, and an extensive repertoire in areas ranging from Immigration and Family Law to Civil Litigation and Personal Injury. With a profound legal background and a penchant for excellence, Saeed Ahmad emerges as a beacon of legal acumen. In this comprehensive summary, we delve into the remarkable journey of Saeed Ahmad, exploring his legal expertise, career milestones, and the diverse facets that make him a distinguished legal professional.

Unlocking Legal Expertise with a Multifaceted Approach
Saeed Ahmad, a seasoned Solicitor (Consultant) with a profound understanding of English and Welsh law, brings a wealth of legal knowledge and multidisciplinary experience to the forefront. His career journey is a testament to his commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering top-tier legal services across diverse domains.

Immigration Consultant and OISC Registered Advisor (2007-2012): Saeed Ahmad provided immigration consultancy services, holding a Level 1 advisor registration with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). His expertise covered Personal Immigration, Business Immigration, and Family Visas.

A Holistic Approach to Legal Excellence
Saeed Ahmad’s professional journey is marked by his dedication to detail, excellent administrative skills, and a strong legal academic background. With double graduation in B. Com and LLB (Hons) conversion course, he combines a solid foundation in law with double master’s degrees—an LLM in International Law & Criminal Justice and an MBA in Innovative Management.

Global Vision and Local Expertise
His global perspective is enriched by international experience, including the Legal Practice Course at BPP Manchester and the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS). This international outlook allows him to approach legal matters with a comprehensive understanding.

Legal Skills and Expertise
Saeed Ahmad’s expansive skill set includes expertise in the following areas:
Contracts and Procurement Matters: Proficient in navigating complex contractual landscapes, from Shared Service Agreements to Framework Agreements.

Corporate Agreements: Mastery in drafting crucial agreements like Partnership Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements.

Construction Contracts: Adept at crafting legally sound JCT Contracts and Construction Agreements.

IT Contracts: Demonstrated excellence in handling intricate IT contracts with precision.

Public Health Agreements: In-depth knowledge of the intricacies of Public Health Agreements.

Immigration and Family Law: A versatile legal professional with hands-on experience in Immigration Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury cases.

Distinguished Career Highlights
Consultant Solicitor at First Law Solicitors (June 2020–Present): Serving as a consultant, Saeed Ahmad specializes in Immigration Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury cases. His commitment to providing impeccable legal counsel is evident in every case he handles.

Solicitor at First Law Solicitors (March 2023–June 2023): Saeed Ahmad’s tenure as a Solicitor at First Law Solicitors reflects his dedication to legal excellence.

Trainee Solicitor at First Law Solicitors (May 2020–February 2023): During his training, Saeed Ahmad gained invaluable insights into local government legal matters, corporate governance, and commercial contracts. His responsibilities included drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide array of commercial contracts, ranging from Service Agreements to NDAs, under the guidance of senior solicitors.

A Multifaceted Professional Journey
Saeed Ahmad’s journey in the legal realm is complemented by a diverse professional background:

Director of Operations at Secure Serve Ltd (August 2018–November 2021): In this role, he demonstrated exemplary managerial skills, overseeing various operational aspects.

Training & Compliance Manager at Carlisle Support Service (June 2017–July 2018): Here, he played a pivotal role in enhancing customer service skills for front-line staff of Northern Rail.

Roster Manager at STM Group UK Ltd (February 2012–June 2017): Managing scheduling for STM North Region, Saeed Ahmad’s proficiency in client liaison and staffing was instrumental in achieving seamless operations. He oversaw scheduling for a significant volume of hours, displaying a knack for efficient organization.

Solution-Oriented Professional
Saeed Ahmad’s pragmatic approach, combined with a strong legal acumen, positions him as a solution-focused professional. His ability to manage workloads with minimal supervision, prioritize tasks, and provide high standards of customer care is exemplary.
Professional Affiliations and Academic Achievements
Saeed Ahmad’s professional affiliations include being an Advocate in the High Courts of Pakistan, a Student Member of The Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, and a Fellow Member of the Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA). His academic journey boasts LLB (Hons), LLM, and an MBA in Innovative Management, among other qualifications.
Driving Legal Excellence with Pragmatism
In conclusion, Saeed Ahmad stands as a beacon of legal excellence, embracing diverse legal domains with enthusiasm. His commitment to delivering solutions, coupled with a rich academic background and extensive professional experience, positions him as a trusted legal advisor. For all your legal needs, Saeed Ahmad is the embodiment of pragmatism and precision, ensuring the pursuit of justice remains unwavering.

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