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Resolve Solicitors is an established legal firm with over ten years of experience in Immigration, Personal Injury, and Family Law. We have a strong reputation and extensive expertise in delivering high-quality legal services. We focus on providing a tailored, professional service to each client, treating them like family. We have had rapid growth over the years, particularly in immigration law and personal injury, adapting our business to changes in laws/policies.

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At Resolve Solicitors LTD, we are committed to providing expert legal solutions with a personal touch. Located in the heart of Brierfield, Lancashire, we have been serving our community for over a decade. Our team of dedicated solicitors is here to guide you through a wide range of legal matters, ensuring you receive the professional support and advice you deserve.

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We provide personalized, quality legal services across main practice areas – Immigration, Personal Injury, Commercial contracts, Dispute resolution, Employment and Family Law. Experienced solicitors advise and represent individuals and businesses on all aspects of UK immigration law, from visa applications to appeals. Assist companies with commercial immigration needs, including Sponsor Licences and Skilled Worker visas. The personal Injury team has extensive experience getting compensation for injuries/losses in public spaces. Family Law experts handle divorce, separation, child arrangements, and asset protection. Thousands of individuals assisted with immigration, personal injury, clinical negligence, and family legal issues. We provide a tailored, caring approach to each client’s unique situation. Our Solicitors are qualified professionals providing excellent legal advice and representation. In summary, Resolve Solicitors provides customised legal services in key practice areas utilising experienced; knowledgeable solicitors focused on tailored support and optimal outcomes for every client’;s circumstances.

  • We will regularly keep you informed about your matter.
  • We assign you a dedicated lawyer.
  • We provide you with expert and impartial advice.
  • We have a vast experience in law.
  • We deal with every case individually in detail.
  • Speak to a dedicated Solicitor from start to finish.
  • We provide honest, professional advice.

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We have assisted numerous international individuals and families with relocating to the UK. We also supported local individuals and businesses with legal matters. We are experienced, knowledgeable solicitors who can serve clients all over the UK and overseas. We reach clients through face-to-face and digital communication methods. We invite you to explore the website to learn more about services and how solicitors can advise on specific legal needs.
Resolve Solicitors is an established, rapidly growing firm with expertise in key practice areas and a client-focused approach. We have experience assisting international and local clients across the UK.

Ready to discuss your legal needs? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to being your trusted legal partners in Brierfield, Lancashire, and beyond.

To qualify as a dependent, you must be the spouse/partner or minor child under 18 of the main work visa holder. Other relatives usually don’t qualify. Dependents are typically granted leave to remain in the UK for the same period as the main visa holder. After 5 years on a dependant visa in the UK, dependants can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). In some cases, they can apply for ILR simultaneously as the main visa holder. Dependents are prohibited from working or accessing public funds unless the main visa holder’s work visa allows dependants to work (like the Tier 2 visa). Dependents must prove they can support themselves financially without working or accessing public funds. The main visa holder must provide accommodation and maintenance in the UK—additional English language and Life in the UK test requirements for ILR applications by dependants. So in summary a visa provides a route for family members of work visa holders to live in the UK, but does impose restrictions around working and accessing public funds. The option to eventually apply for ILR is there after meeting the requirements. Our team has helped hundreds of clients successfully with applications for various UK visas and immigration solutions. BWe have experience handling immigration appeals, Administrative Reviews, Pre-Action Protocols, and Judicial Reviews. We pride ourselves on having a top-rated legal team with in-depth knowledge and skills in UK immigration law. Our law firm is well-positioned to help clients navigate the complexities of the UK immigration system and achieve successful outcomes for their cases. We have the expertise and track record to assist clients with UK immigration matters. 


Resolve Solicitors specializes in Immigration, Personal Injury, Commercial Contracts, Dispute Resolution, Employment, and Family Law.

We have extensive experience in immigration law, serving international clients with various immigration needs, from visa applications to appeals.

Our immigration services include assistance with Fiancé Visas, Spouse Visas, Unmarried Partner Visas, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Naturalization/British Citizenship, Administrative Removal, Immigration Bail, Visitor Visas, Immigration Appeals, Judicial Reviews, and more.

You can reach our immigration team at our office number 01282 699629 or at 07830461596. You can also send an inquiry via email to

Dependents, typically spouses/partners or minor children under 18, can live in the UK under a work visa holder's dependant visa. They cannot work or access public funds, and after 5 years, they can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

We offer services related to UK Startup Visas, UK Innovator Visas, Sponsor Licenses for Employers, UK Scale-up Worker Visas, UK Health and Care Worker Visas, and the Global Business Mobility Scheme.

Our Family Law experts can assist with cases involving annulment of marriage, UK Islamic Divorce (Shari’a Law), and domestic violence.

Yes, we handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including medical negligence, road accidents, accidents at work or schools, serious and complex injuries, and more.

We offer a variety of commercial drafting services, including agency contracts, business terms and conditions, construction contracts, data protection contracts, and more.

We assist clients in resolving contract law disputes, including agency contract disputes, consumer disputes, confidentiality disputes, construction contract disputes, and others.

For residential tenancy issues, we handle rental agreements, rent deposits, eviction processes

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